1998-99 Nashville Predators Game Worn Jerseys

Predators 1998-99 Shoulder PatchThe city of Nashville was awarded an NHL franchise in 1997 and with an already completed arena, the team began play in the 1998-99 season. In a unique fashion, the teams original logo was actually unveiled before a name was chosen.

The team's first game was played at home on October 10th, 1998 which ended in a loss to the Florida Panthers, 1-0. In their 2nd game, Andrew Brunette scored the teams first goal and they went on to win 3-2 against the Carolina Hurricanes.

The Predators 1st year jerseys were made by Bauer and they are the only NHL team to ever wear Bauer jerseys for regular season games. The shoulder patch also has a 98 on it to signify the first season.

Please scroll down to see customization information for the standard home and road jerseys.

J.J. Daigneault

Preseason Home Set

J.J. wore this jersey in the Predators first preseason. It has some light marks, a repair on the sleeve, velcro nameplate and a brutally bad stiched on "A". View a close-up of the stitch job.

Dominic Roussel

Preseason Home Set

This jersey was used in the Predators first preseason. These jerseys had very thick velcro nameplates but are otherwise the same as regular season jerseys. There are light marks on the sleeves but thats about it for wear.

Patric Kjellberg

Home Set 2

Patric was one of the stars of the early Predators teams and this jersey shows it. Wear all over it with marks up and down the sleeves, front and back. Team L.O.A.

Vitali Yachmenev

Home Set 2

This first year jersey from The Yak has awesome wear with a big repair on the mid-chest and many on the elbows. Take note of the 4 on the back, the yellow layer is about half as thick as it should be. A great example of a first year Predators jersey. Team L.O.A.

Jeff Daniels

Home Set 2

Jeff only skated in 9 games for the Predators but had a solid NHL career. He played 4 games at home and probably wore this jersey in just one of them. The overall wear is very light. This was my first ever 1998-99 Predators regular season jersey.

Set Details

I currently do not have any information about when the Predators first year jerseys were worn.


The Predators inaugural design lasted from 1998 until 2007 when the league switched to the Edge design. They used the same fonts with minimum changes and inconsistencies. They had used the same customizer for the duration and the font layout is simplized because of the design. They are one of a few teams that were able to use the same color nameplate, letters and sleeve numbers for both the home and away jerseys.

The names are single layer fonts and all numbers are reverse kiss cut. The thin outer layer is cut out and actually placed over top of the main layer. This makes the jersey lighter. The Captain "C" is always kiss cut and the Alternate "A" can be both.

View pictures of both examples below and click to see larger versions.

Predators Nameplate Predators Nameplate Predators Back Numbers Predators Back Numbers Predators Sleeve Numbers Predators Sleeve Numbers Predators Alternate Kiss Cut A Predators Alternate A with Stacked Layers Predators Captain C


The Predators dimensions changed over the first few years, pay close attention as it is a little odd.

Home & Road Back Number Height for the 1998-99 Season: 12 1/2"

Home & Road Back Number Height for the 1999-00 through 2006-07 Seasons: 12"

Home & Road Sleeve Number Height for all seasons: 4"

Home & Road "A" Height for all seasons: 4"

The alternate "A" is sometimes layered and sometimes kiss-cut with seemingly no consistency. Early seasons seem to only be kiss-cut while in later seasons I have found both.

Home & Road "C" Height for all seasons: 4 1/8"

I have found all Captain "C's" to be kiss-cut.

Home & Road Nameplate Height for 1998-99 through 1999-00: 4"

Home & Road Name Letter Height for 1998-99 through 1999-00: 3 1/2"

Now this is where it get odd.

Home & Road Nameplate Height for 2000-01 Set 1: just slightly bigger than 3 1/2""

Home & Road Name Letter Height for 2000-01 Set 1: 3 1/2"

For the first set of the 2000-01 season the letters are very snug and basically the same size as the nameplate. Then it was changed mid season.

Home & Road Nameplate Height for 2000-01 Set 2 :3 1/2""

Home & Road Name Letter Height for 2000-01 Set 2: 2 7/8"

I believe 2001-02 will be the same as 2000-01 but do not have a regular season jersey to confirm yet.

Home & Road Nameplate Height for 2002-03 through 2006-07: 3 1/2"

Home & Road Name Letter Height for 2002-03 through 2006-07: 3"

Below are two checklists for first year players in the collection and 1st year home programs. For first year players, the jersey can be from any season they were on the team, it's just to keep track of how many players from the first year are represented as a whole. I am also starting to track down the programs from the first season and would like to complete the set.

Inaugural Players in Archive

Number Name Games In Archive?
1 Mike Dunham 44
2 Rob Zettler 2
2 Dan Keczmer 16
4 Jayson More 18
5 Jan Vopat 5
6 Bob Boughner 79
7 Cliff Ronning 72
8 Doug Friedman 2
9 Darren Turotte 40
10 Patric Kjellberg 71
11 David Legwand 1
12 Rob Valicevic 19
12 Brad Smyth 3
14 & 7 Greg de Vries 6
15 Drake Berehowsky 74
16 Ville Peltonen 14
17 Patrick Cote 70
18 Mark Mowers 30
19 Andrew Brunette 77
20 Jamie Heward 63
21 Tom Fitzgerald 80
22 Greg Johnson 68
23 Blair Atcheynum 53
24 Scott Walker 71
25 Sergei Krivokrasov 70
27 John Slaney 46
28 Denny Lambert 76
29 Tomas Vokoun 37
30 Chris Mason 3
32 Jeff Daniels 9
35 Eric Fichaud 9
36 J.J. Daigneault 35
38 & 7 Jeff Nelson 9
40 Karlis Skrastins 2
42 Joel Bouchard 64
43 Vitali Yachmenev 55
44 Kimmo Timonen 50
47 Matt Henderson 2
50 Petr Sykora 2
71 Sebastian Bordeleau 72

Inaugural Home Programs in Archive

Date Opponent Cover In Archive?
10/10/98 Panthers Logo
10/13/98 Hurricanes  
10/23/98 Flames  
10/27/98 Canucks  
10/31/98 Avalanche  
11/17/98 Blackhawks  
11/19/98 Blues  
11/21/98 Islanders  
11/25/98 Flames  
11/27/98 Mighty Ducks  
12/1/98 Senators  
12/5/98 Sabres  
12/8/98 Oilers  
12/10/98 Sharks  
12/12/98 Canadiens  
12/23/98 Red Wings  
12/26/98 Capitals  
12/30/98 Bruins  
1/1/99 Blues  
1/4/99 Mighty Ducks  
1/7/99 Sharks  
1/9/99 Blackhawks  
1/15/99 Coyotes  
1/19/99 Canucks Scott Walker
1/21/99 Lightning  
1/26/99 Red Wings  
1/31/99 Coyotes  
2/9/99 Red Wings  
2/13/99 Penguins  
2/15/99 Rangers  
2/19/99 Avalanche  
2/23/99 Stars  
3/2/99 Blues  
3/12/99 Blackhawks  
3/14/99 Oilers  
3/16/99 Flames  
3/28/99 Stars  
4/1/99 Flyers  
4/3/99 Kings  
4/12/99 Kings  
4/17/99 Devils Drake Berehowsky