1999-00 Nashville Predators Game Worn Jerseys

The 1999-00 season was the Predators 2nd in the league. They began to slightly improve and started showing their identity as a team. It would be the only season they ever had a dark jersey made by CCM.

Please view the 1998-99 season for specific information on customization for standard home and road jerseys.

Karlis Skrastins

Home Set 1

This jersey is just beat, wear up, down and all over. Karlis' unfortunate passing makes this jersey even more special and an honor to own. He was one of my all time favorite Predators and one of the best ever from Latvia.

Scott Walker

Home Set 1

Scott was one of the hardest working players and an he left it all on the ice for this team. This jersey has good wear all over and a custom shortened fight strap.

Shortened Fight Strap

Set Details

From what I've gathered, the Predators wore 2 sets of jerseys in the 1999-00 season. Set 1 & 2 have tagging from Cutting Edge inside the lower hem, while some jerseys do not have any tagging. I am not sure why this is but will eventually figure it out.

1999-00 Set Tags

NHL 2000 Patch

For the 1999-00 season, all NHL teams wore the 2000 patch on their jerseys. With the setup of the Predators jerseys, they were able to wear navy patches on both the home and road jerseys. Many teams wore different colors for home, road and alternate jerseys.

NHL 2000 PAtch

Authentic versions of these patches are not too hard to find but the replicas are everywhere. You have to pay very close attention to detail to make sure you get an authentic. At it's widest, the patch measures 5 3/8" and it is 1 1/2" high.