2003-04 Nashville Predators Game Worn Jerseys

The Predators made the playoffs for the first time in 2003-04. They faced the Red Wings in round 1 and won their first playoff game ever, 3-1 at home on April 11, 2004. The team wore 3 sets of home and road jerseys and two sets of alternate. This was the year the NHL switched and began wearing dark jerseys at home and white on the road.

Please view the 1998-99 season for specific information on customization for standard home and road jerseys and the 2001-02 season for customization information for the mustard alternate.

Kimmo Timonen

Alternate Set 1

This alternate jersey has custom shortened sleeves and many marks on the front. There are many threads and some marks in the sleeves.

Scott Walker

Road Set 2

Scott's set 2 jersey has great wear with a HUGE repair on the front. The repair is just as wide as it is tall and makes the shape of an inverted L. It has many stick marks and repairs.

Adam Hall

Road Set 2

Adam's jersey shows great wear with many marks and repairs. He's worked his way through the NHL as a hard nosed dependable player. He was slightly more offensive with the Preds but he is still an awesome player, what's not to like about this guy?

Dan Hamhuis

Alternate Set 2

Dan's alternate jersey has nice wear even though only worn for a few games. It has many stick marks across the bottom, sleeves and even the back.

Set Details

All sets of jerseys were released through MeiGray and feature the standard MeiGray tag on the lower inside hem in addition to a Cutting Edge Sports tag.

Home Set 1: Start of Preseason – December 20, 2003

Road Set 1: Start of Preseason – December 29, 2003

Third Set 1: October 10, 2003 – December 22, 2003

Home Set 2: January 3, 2004 – March 1, 2004

Road Set 2: January 5, 2004 – March 6, 2004

Third Set 2: January 1, 2004 – March 27, 2004

Home Set 3: March 13, 2004 – April 17, 2004

Road Set 3: March 11, 2004 – April 15, 2004