2005-06 Nashville Predators Game Worn Jerseys

The first season after the lockout saw Reebok take over the NHL jersey contract. The jersey models stayed the same for most teams but the Predators got a new shoulder patch. In the off-season, the Predators made the biggest free agent signing in their history, bringing in superstar Paul Kariya. The team wore 8 sets of jerseys and 1 promotional set for 9 total.

Please view the 1998-99 season for specific information on customization for standard home and road jerseys and the 2001-02 season for customization information for the mustard alternate.

Paul Kariya

Road Set 1

Paul brought an incredible scoring threat to the Predators and he delivered for the team. This was his first road jersey and has great wear, lots of stick marks and some good sleeve repairs. One of the best in my collection.

Greg Johnson

Alternate Set 1

Greg's alternate jersey has light wear and custom shortened sleeves. It has the Captain's C with overall light wear.

Jordin Tootoo

Alternate Set 2

This alternate jersey from Jordin has lighter wear with just a few visible stick marks. Jordin is one of a few players to wear 3 different numbers during the regular season and this was the final one I need to get all 3 (55, 14 & 22).

Scott Hartnell

Alternate Set 2

This alternate jersey has light wear overall with a few stick marks on the sleeves.

Set Details

All sets of jerseys were released through MeiGray and feature the standard MeiGray tag on the lower inside hem in addition to a Cutting Edge Sports tag. You'll also notice that the MeiGray tags say 2004-05 but they added a small tag with 2005-2006 next to it due to the lockout.

Home Set 1: Start of Preseason – December 8, 2005

Road Set 1: Start of Preseason – December 13, 2005

Third Set 1: October 20, 2005 – December 17, 2005

Home Set 2: December 15, 2005 – February 9, 2006

Road Set 2: December 21, 2005 – February 11, 2006

Third Set 2: January 6, 2006 – April 8, 2006

Home Set 3: March 2, 2006 – April 30, 2006

Road Set 3: March 1, 2006 – April 27, 2006

The team wore a set of home 1 game promotional jerseys for Opening Night on October 5, 2005.