2008-09 Nashville Predators Game Worn Jerseys

The Predators wore 3 sets of jerseys in the 2008-09 season with each jersey in Set 1 & 2 going between 15-20 games. Set 3 only went for 6-10 games. With 3 sets of jerseys and no playoffs, most jerseys had fairly light wear for this season.

Please view the 2007-08 season for specific information on customization for standard home and road jerseys.

Vern Fiddler

Road Set 2

This nice road gamer from Vern has great wear and repairs on the sleeves. He was an undrafted player that broke into the NHL with the Predators and spent his first 6 seasons with the team. This was worn in his last season in Nashville.

Jordin Tootoo

Road Set 3

Jordin out up a healthy 124 PIMs in the 08-09 season and this jersey has some nice wear to show for it. Scattered marks all over and 2 repairs on the left sleeve. It also has a custom shortened fight strap.

Shea Weber

Road Set 3

Just like Marty, Shea opted to continue wearing the Edge 1.0 jersey. This jersey shows light wear with just a couple of repairs and snags.

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Set Details

All three sets of jerseys were released through MeiGray and feature the standard MeiGray tag on the lower inside hem.

2008-09 MeiGray Set Tags

Home Set 1: Start of Preseason – December, 26, 2008

Road Set 1: Start of Preseason – December 8, 2008

Home Set 2: January 1, 2009 – March 5, 2009

Road Set 2: December 11, 2008 – March 7, 2009

Home Set 3: March 10, 2009 – April 7, 2009

Road Set 3: March 14, 2009 – April 10, 2009