2009-10 Nashville Predators Game Worn Jerseys

The 2009-10 season saw Nashville wearing 3 sets of jerseys for each jersey style, 9 sets in total. Wear on all jerseys for that season is overall very light. They took Detroit to 6 games in the first round of the playoffs.

Please view the 2007-08 season for specific information on customization for standard home and road jerseys, see the bottom of the page for customization information on the Alternate jersey.

Dan Ellis

Road Set 1

Worn during the first part of the season, this jersey has great wear. It has multiple team repairs on the chest, puck marks all over the front and sleeves and a bizarre double layer number on the back. Dan wore multiple jerseys per game so most aren't beat up much but this ones a gem!

Kevin Klein

Road Set 1

Worn by long time defensemen Kevin Klein, this jersey has many stick marks up and down the sleeves and back. It also has a team repair on the right sleeve.

Steve Sullivan

Road Set 3

Steve was one of the most popular and highest scoring players the Preds have ever had - not to mention one of the smallest! This jersey was worn in the playoffs and has some nice marks on the sleeves and back as well as a repair on the lower left sleeve.

Set Details

All three sets of jerseys were released through MeiGray and feature the standard MeiGray tag on the lower inside hem.

2009-10 MeiGray Tags

Home Set 1: Start of Preseason – November 30, 2009

Road Set 1: Start of Preseason – December 14, 2009

Third Set 1: November 7, 2009 – January 6, 2010

Home Set 2: December 8, 2009 – March 7, 2010

Road Set 2: December 17, 2009 – February 14, 2010

Third Set 2: January 9, 2010 – March 27, 2010

Home Set 3: March 18, 2010 – April 20, 2010

Road Set 3: March 5, 2010 – April 18, 2010

The team wore a set of third jerseys for a 1 game promotional "Shirt Off Their Back" Night on May 8, 2011.

Alternate Customization

The Predators introduced their 2nd alternate jersey in 2009-10 and it proved to be one of their most popular designs. It was only worn for two seasons despite the popularity. Crisp, clean and sharp were common phrases used to describe this jersey. In completely Predator fashion they continued to use sublimated names with single layer numbers.

One thing that can't be captured in photos, is the material used for the numbers. Its not regular twill, its a little thicker yet softer. Its very similar to the material they use on all their other jerseys with slightly more texture. The most simple way to describe it, ultrafil-like.

Predators Navy Alternate Nameplate Predators Navy Alternate Nameplate Predators Navy Alternate Back Numbers


Back Number Height: 12"

Sleeve Number Height: 4"

Nameplate Height: 3 1/2"