2011-12 Nashville Predators Game Worn Jerseys

The 2011-12 season was a fairly sucessful one for Nashville. They beat Detroit in the first round of the playoffs which was arguably the biggest moment in franchise history. They also came out with this new jersey design and were the first team to wear gold at home in a pretty long time. The team wore 2 sets of jerseys with each jersey being eligible for around 20 games, set 2 were worn slightly more due to the playoff run.

Please scroll down to see customization information for the standard home and road jerseys.

Ryan Suter

Road Set 1

Ryan wore this jersey in what would be his final season in Nashville. The jersey has very nice wea with a ton of stick & puck marks on the lower front and many more across the body, sleeves & shoulders. It has a big repair between the back numbers & 4 more on the sleeves.

David Legwand

Home Set 1

This jersey was worn by the original Predator in the debut of the new gold jersey. It has good wear with quite a few marks on the front and sleeves as well as 6 repairs. Most of the repairs are on the right sleeve and one is on the lower front.

Martin Erat

Road Set 1 & Playoffs

This jersey is extremely unique as Martin was the only player to wear an Edge 1.0 for the Preds. The jersey has many repairs, snags and a stick mark through the crest. Photomatched to the playoffs and confirmed by team he used multiple jerseys per game.

Ryan Ellis

Home Set 2

Ryan scored his first NHL goal in this jersey and was nice enough to sign it for me. Light wear on the jersey with some stick/slash marks visible.

Signature & COA | Ryan's 1st Goal Video

Anders Lindback

Road Set 2

Anders wore this jersey for only 5 games during the second half of the season, going 2-3 while wearing it. Despite the limited use, this jersey has tons of puck marks all over the front and sleeves as well as a team repair on each sleeve.

Set Details

Set 1 jerseys were released through MeiGray and feature the standard MeiGray tag on the lower inside hem.

2011-12 Set 1 Tagging

Home Set 1: Septemer 24, 2011 – January 5, 2012

Road Set 1: September 19, 2011 – December 30, 2011

The team wore a set of home, one game only promotional jerseys for "Shirt Off Their Back" Night on May 4, 2012.

Set 2 was sold through the team and only has team tagging.

2011-12 Set 2 Team Tagging

Home Set 2: January 7, 2012 – May 2, 2012

Road Set 2: January 10, 2012 – May 7, 2012


The Predators continued to use sublimated names and numbers on their jerseys but this new style takes it to a whole new level.

The gold jersey is unique in that the entire nameplate is not sublimated. This is the first time the Predators have had any stitching on nameplate letters since the Reebok Edge jersey was used. Each letter is sublimated, cut out and then stitched to the nameplate. The road jerseys are entirely sublimated. The back numbers feature a sublimated guitar string pattern and the sleeves do not have that. View pictures of both examples below and click to see larger versions.

Predators 2011-12 Nameplate Predators 2011-12 Nameplate Predators 2011-12 Back Numbers Predators 2011-12 Back Numbers Predators 2011-12 Sleeve Numbers Predators 2011-12 Sleeve Numbers Predators 2011-12 Alternate A


Home & Road Back Number Height: 11 7/8"

Home & Road Sleeve Number Height: 4 1/4"

Home & Road "A" & "C" Height: 3"

Home Nameplate Height: 4 1/4"

Home Name Letter Height: 3"

Road Nameplate Height: 3.5"